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Green Hydrogen Ready To Order

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Resulting from the recent announcement of a Financial Investment Decision for the Goondiwindi Hydrogen project, H2C are now in a position to confirm supply arrangements for projects and businesses requiring Green Hydrogen.

Given the rarity of having an available source of gaseous Green Hydrogen supply in the current market, H2C wants to offer businesses, governments and project consortia the opportunity to secure this valuable resource.

While the majority of supply for the initial stages of the project has been secured for locals in Goondiwindi, H2C has the capability to rapidly increase Green Hydrogen production to meet additional requirements. Pending volume requirements, this supply can commence in the first quarter of 2024.

H2C has also quarantined a small percentage of initial Green Hydrogen supply for pilot projects and test facilities. With many different projects at various stages of development, H2C understands that smaller scale projects are the key to developing the supply chain.

Given that the majority of Green Hydrogen projects currently in development are not supplying the domestic retail market, H2C is in a unique position to discuss viable supply solutions with businesses and projects situated along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

If you need Green Hydrogen for your business or project, please contact the team so we can discuss a solution for you.

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