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Our Three Key Services



H2C can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on how to integrate Green Hydrogen into your business, region or community

Everyone is talking about Green Hydrogen, but very few people know what it takes to make something happen in this space. H2C can develop a report that identifies the capability to produce and use renewable energy, focused on green hydrogen, into the energy profile of a region or business. 


The outcome of this report is an outline of the economic and environmental benefits that can be realised and a road map of projects that can be supported to achieve a transition to more sustainable energy. Furthermore, H2C will offer to fund, design, construct and operate these projects with you. 


Designing, funding, constructing and operating green hydrogen projects

H2C coordinate engagement with the public and private sectors to raise funds, develop technical feasibility and initiate projects that transition the recommendations contained in assessment reports into real construction projects. 

We specialise in developing Special Project Vehicles that enable the collaboration required between the public and private sectors for early market adoption of green hydrogen projects. 

Image by Scott Blake


Supporting the development of the Green H2 industry

H2C are supporting several research and development projects focused on industry development. We use our experience from live projects to inform pathways that will develop supply chains within businesses, industry sectors and regional areas. 

Based on our project development activity and collaboration with a global supply chain, we identify industry-led solutions to influence decisions within political, economic, and social frameworks.

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