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QUT Engages H2C to Commission Hydrogen Electrolyser

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

In October 2021, H2C were engaged by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to scope the commissioning of a 10kW Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser and, in collaboration with QUT, to re-purpose its configuration to meet Australian standards. This electrolyser commissioning is part of a larger project managed by QUT to deliver a hybrid renewable energy hydrogen production and use facility at Redlands. Details on the objectives for this collaborative project led by QUT, and progress to date, are provided on the ARENA website:

QUT has engaged H2C to commission the electrolyser and to deliver a gas controller system that enables hydrogen to be safely delivered to a storage tank for subsequent use either by a fuel cell or a vehicle refueler. First stage of commissioning will utilise on-site grid power and ultimately, with pre-existing solar energy onsite, the electrolyser will deliver green hydrogen for pilot plant use and testing. Key steps for H2C in this process include:

  1. In conjunction with the QUT Safety team and with advice from the Queensland Gas Inspectorate, undertake a HAZID and HAZOP analysis to ensure both electrical and gas (both hydrogen and oxygen) systems meet required regulatory and safety approvals;

  2. Evaluate optimum site location(s) including construction options to safely house the electrolyser to ensure environmental resilience;

  3. Develop a control philosophy and safety management plan for operation of the electrolyser linked to the electrical microgrid to ensure that other on-site pilot plant functions (e.g. location of refueler; battery storage) are not compromised;

  4. Evaluate with the QUT team a pathway for broader regulatory approvals relating to operational practice of the pilot plant and other on-site facilities, with reference to the emerging hydrogen regulations and guidelines of the Queensland Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.

Based on this initial work, H2C is commissioning this AEM electrolyser at the Redlands site. H2C’s understanding of renewable energy solutions is one of the keys to bridge the gap between concepts and real projects, enabling the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and providing the ‘how to’ of green hydrogen as an energy source for businesses, residents, and governments.

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