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Developing Local H2 Economies

Updated: May 6, 2022

The Hydrogen Collective (H2C) has reviewed and implemented strategies from the International Energy Agency's (IEA) ‘Sustainable Recovery Plan’. This global research has informed the initial stages of the assessments and recommendations made to our clients. The plan has three main goals:

1.Boost Economic Growth

2.Create Jobs

3.Build more resilient and cleaner energy systems

H2C has developed a model that takes the global context of this report and makes it relevant for local communities. This enables the goals of the Sustainable Recovery Plan to be realised in regional areas. For example:

1. 1.1% annual increase in Gross Regional Product (GRP)

2.Retention of energy capital within a region by making and using energy within the region (not importing it from other regions, states or countries)

3.Enable employment retention and growth through upskilling existing employees and creating new jobs

The key to realising the economic, environmental and community impacts of H2 economies is firstly understanding the energy profiles of a region. That is, what is the current consumption and cost of energy within a specific location. Once the analysis of energy consumption is complete, you can then identify the potential to replace the petrol, gas and electricity consumption within that local economy with locally produced renewable energy focused on green H2.

Enabling a region to make and use its own renewable energy has many benefits. While road to enablement is complex, H2C has identified a process that can outline how to make it happen.

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